Optional Activities About Argosaronikos' islands

About Argosaronikos' islands

The islands of Agistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra and the peninsula of Methana constitute the rings of an islander chain which is extended between Attica and the north-eastern coasts of Peloponisos. The marine area of the gulfs of Saronikos and Argolikos is called Argosaronikos.

The islands of Argosaronikos are in a very short distance from the capital and that is the reason to be considered as an ideal resort for short or long term vacations. They have an important history and a very interesting tradition of many centuries given that they have been inhabited since prehistoric era during which they have acknowledged a significant development particularly in trade and shipping.

Ferry boats and flying dolphins depart all year long from the ports of Piraeus and Perama for the island of Salamina.
In Summer, transportation is more frequent. By bus, you can only reach Methana and Poros, through Nafplion. Also there is a bus service for Spetses through Kranidi.

The entire island is one of lush green landscapes reflected on crystal blue waters. A chance to tour the surrounding islets should not be missed. Access here is easy, especially in Summer, where lines connect Agistri with Piraeus, Aegina, and Epidavros.

The beautiful beaches of Plakakia, Paliopyrgos, Agios Vassilios, Faros, and Marathon await the swimmers to enjoy them. The warm baths at Souvala accommodate those who wish to take advantage of their therapeutical qualities. The green islet of Moni, just across the Perdica beach, is a haven for naturalists.

Access is made easy from Piraeus as well as from the other nearby ports of Porto Heli, Ermioni, Tolo, and Nafplion.

The small, picturesque island of Poros is a popular destination for tourists, as it combines many advantages. The town of Poros is well-equipped to accommodate tourists, offering rooms and hotels, bars and restaurants, organized beaches and other attractions.

Apart from reaching the island by car with the ferry, there are daily bus lines from Athens, daily sea routes from Piraeus, and frequent sea lines connecting it with Leonidion, Ermioni, Nafplion, Tolo, Astros, Monemvasia, Neapolis, Cythera, and Geraka. 

Beautiful landscapes and crystal clear beaches in the south, along with lots of "activity" are some of the elements which make Salamina an escape island.

The one and only important historical event was the Battle of Salamina in 480 BC which took place on the island's beaches, a victory which favoured the Greeks over the Persians.

In Koulouri (the island' s main town) one can visit the Byzantine "Faneromeni" monastery, in Ambelakia the Acropolis of the ancient city and the monastery of Aghios Nicholaos in Moulki. 

Access is made by small ferry-boats from Piraeus and Perama throughout the year to Paloukia, Selinia, Kamatero and Ambelakia. Departures are more frequent during summer and during the weekends (every 30 minutes).

Spetses was a center of commerce for many years, a fact which generated a series of wealthy merchant families. 
The view from the monastery of Agioi Pandes -built in the 1800s- is spectacular. A big number of cultural festivities add to the long list of interests on the island: the Anargyria festival, held in August, while a series of activities take place during the festival of the Naval Battle of Armata on the 8th of September.

Buses from Athens leave daily to Kranidi, and from there ferries lead to Spetses. There are frequent sea routes directly from the port of Piraeus, while there is the option of driving to Kosta Ermionidos, and then taking a taxi boat to Spetses.

The small island of Hydra attracts a large number of visitors all year round. The cosmopolitan aura, the natural beauty, and the elegance contribute to the formation of a majestic atmosphere that make every visitor to try experiencing every minute of its stay. Beautiful beaches offer ideal conditions for swimming, diving, or fishing.
Fast and conventional speed ferry lines arrive daily in Hydra from Piraeus.

This small peninsula has long been identified with its thermal baths. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Methana has a long history. The small island of Agioi Anargyri at the entrance of the port has a beautiful, well-organized beach. Other beaches are Limiona, Vathy, Agioi Theodori, Paleokastro, Kalloni, Nisaki, Agios Georgios, and Steno.

Apart from Piraeus, it is connected to the ports of the other islands of the Saronic Gulf, as well as Epidavros, Ermioni, Porto Heli, Nafplion, and Tolo.