Discovering Amaroussion City References

City References

The city of Amaroussion covers an area of 13.09 km2 and is one of the largest municipalities of Athens, located in the north-eastern area of Attica.  It has a population of approximately 120,000 inhabitants and due to its excellent transportation transit substructure, has been transformed into what is today known as the Business Heartland of Athens, hosting many corporate buildings as well as modern facilities and infrastructure.

Nonetheless, Amaroussion offers a wide range of local points of special interest:

  1. History of Amaroussion
  2. Natural History Museum of Amaroussion
  3. Historical and Folk Art Museum of Amaroussion (I.L.M.A)
  4. Spathareio Shadow Theatre Museum
  5. "Mimis Fotopoulos" Municipal Cinema
  6. Pottery
  7. International Olympic Museum of Ceramic Sculpture
  8. Art and Culture Centre of the Municipality of Amaroussion
  9. "Spyros Louis" Municipal Olympic Art Gallery