Welcome Messages President of DETDA

Welcome Message of the President of the Municipal Technology Company of Amaroussion (DETDA)



ICT intrusion in our life is a fact. ICT commands & opportunities are also a fact. Under this undisputable framework what would be the role of the government (central & local) but to provide equality for everybody, everywhere.
E-inclusion initiative enhances this opportunity by addressing to the barriers that lead to the evident digital divide. Starting with 'e', standing for electronic, inclusion aims to ensure that disadvantaged people are not excluded due to their lack of digital literacy or access.

It also means taking advantage of new opportunities, offered by digital and technical services, attaining thus the inclusion of both socially disadvantaged people and less-favoured areas. Moreover, equal knowledge dissemination and new job opportunities that know no frontiers or geographical distance are also offered, while at the same time central and local Governments can provide more efficient and quick public services to the citizens.

In this context, Amaroussion, as the vice-chair of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum (EKSF) for the last two years, hosts the EKSF Conference with the title "Cities' e-services for inclusion", highlighting thus its priority to support ICT usage in the citizens every day life. Our aim is to exchange and share information, know-how, ideas and experiences, gained from the best practices throughout Europe, thus fighting jointly the undisputed reality of e-exclusion.

Closing, I welcome You to this Conference on behalf of the Municipal Technology Company of Amaroussion, hoping to a successful and fruitful outcome.

Evaggelos Kavvalos

President of the Municipal Technology
Company of Amaroussion