Welcome Messages Mayor of Amaroussion

Welcome Message by the Mayor of the Amaroussion - Hellas Mr. George Patoulis


Living in a new Information and Communication Technology era, the achievement of digital literacy and e-inclusion for everyone, regardless of their disabilities, age, gender, ethnicity, educational achievement, financial and technological resources, have become an increasingly important challenge of our times.
In this frame, the Municipality of Amaroussion endeavors all initiatives that systematically disseminate information and communicate the use of New Technologies to the citizens, aiming to involve them actively in a modern European Knowledge Society.

Our main priority is to overcome any type of exclusion and create more e-opportunities, by facilitating access to ICT and enhancing gender and age equality. Thus we can ensure that all citizens benefit from ICT. Towards this direction, the Municipality of Amaroussion has as its vision to reduce the gaps in ICT usage, aiming at the same time to provide better, faster, easier to use, more accessible and cost-effective public services to its citizens.

This year the Municipality of Amaroussion organizes EUROCITIES' Knowledge Society Forum Conference with the title: "Cities' e-services for inclusion" which focuses on ways of bringing down technical, geographical, cultural, educational, social and disability-related barriers in all aspects of the information society.

Reducing the gaps in ICT usage should become a priority in the majority of functions in our Municipalities!
This is a path that will lead to a better quality of life - in our work, education, public services and in our neighbourhoods.

Looking forward to welcoming you in the Municipality of Amaroussion,

George Patoulis

Mayor of the Municipality of Amaroussion, Hellas
Vice-Chair of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum